Players age 8-10 

This age group is still working on developing correct mechanics and motor patterns. Developmentally, this is a very important time for learning proper skating technique.
Players age 8-10 years of age are what exercise physiologists refer to as “highly plastic” which means that their brain-to-body neuromuscular pathways are not done developing yet and therefore these players can make changes and learn new information quickly. To properly place these players in Foundational Training Levels 1-5 we are looking for:

  1. Deep Knee and Hip Flexion;
  2. The ability to take long extended strides;
  3. The ability to return the pushing foot under the midline of the body;
  4. Correct arm motion;
  5. Attention span and the ability to focus on the task at hand.

Players age 11-14

There is a wide variety of skating skills in this age group. Some of these players have been skating and playing hockey for 7+ years, some may have started later and have not had a lot of power skating instruction. The criteria we use to place these players into the workout curriculum are as follows:

  1. Same foundational qualities listed in ages 6-10 group-knee bend, stride mechanics, arm movement, posture and carriage;
  2. Leg strength;
  3. Anaerobic fitness.

If players in this age group have a sound skating foundation, we will place them into the 2nd level of the pyramid in the Explosive Speed Level. These workouts differ greatly from the Foundational Levels in the following ways:

  1. Skating times are much shorter, but more intense with higher elevations and speeds;
  2. Emphasis on sprinting biomechanics-high knees, fast stride recovery;
  3. Very high elevations and/or speeds;
  4. Physically and cardiovascular demanding workouts.
  5. Begin working on mental control and mental toughness