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By AVBHA, 03/15/24, 11:15AM CDT



Hello AVBHA Family! 

Great news! The votes have been tallied, and we are thrilled to introduce our newly elected board members who will be instrumental in shaping the future of AVBHA. 

Let's give a warm welcome to our newly elected AVBHA Board of Directors Members. Each brings a unique set of skills and a strong commitment to furthering the mission of our association. As we welcome these new faces, we must also bid farewell and express our deepest gratitude to our outgoing board members. Their dedication and contributions have been invaluable, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors. 

Along with all that exciting news, we've got more DIBS opportunities available for this weekend, at both the South of the River Showdown, and our Mite Fun Day! Speaking of Mite Fun Day, be sure to sign up for our Coach vs. Mites and Coach vs. Travelling players following the jamboree. Scroll down for more information on all. 



Without further ado, let's get to know our new members and express our heartfelt appreciation for those moving on to new chapters!

Elected Members:

Mindy English: Mindy has players at the mini mite, 8U, & Squirt levels, and brings a wealth of hockey experience to her role. From her beginnings as an AVHA youth player to her tenure with the AVWH team, including a State Championship in 1996, Mindy is deeply rooted in our sport and community. As an AVBHA Board Member, she would like to focus on player development and fostering inclusivity. Mindy's aim is to inspire more female involvement in coaching and leadership, serving as a positive role model for the association.

Charles Rosenfield: Charles (Chuck) brings invaluable experience to the AVBHA Board, with children currently participating in Squirts, Mini-Mites, and Mite Plus Beginner programs. His primary goal is to cultivate a strong player culture where children can thrive and develop. Chuck is eager to contribute his skills and insights to the operational aspects of our program, with a particular focus on fostering character and leadership qualities among players. Welcome to the team, Chuck! 

Nick Schultz: Nick has a child currently playing Mite 2, and joins the AVBHA Board with a fervent dedication to hockey development. He aims to enrich player and coach development while nurturing a thriving community by engaging both current and new hockey families. Nick's forward-thinking approach will contribute to planning the future of the Eagles Hockey Association. Welcome aboard, Nick! 

Jeff Lantz: Jeff has players currently in Mites 2 & 3, and brings a personal connection to AVBHA, having skated in the association from 1989 to 1999. Now, he's dedicated to fostering the same joy and camaraderie of hockey for his kids and all young skaters. Welcome back to the AVBHA family, Jeff!

Emily Hindal: Emily, returning for a second term, has 3 players in AVB: Peewee, U10, and Mite Plus, and has been an integral part of the AVBHA board for three years. Her contributions include facilitating jersey orders, organizing tournaments, managing mites, and overseeing apparel. Emily finds fulfillment in making a difference within the association, ensuring that all children, including her own, benefit from her efforts. Thanks for sticking with us, Emily - we appreciate you & all you do! 

Outgoing Members:

Jeremy Pries: Jeremy has been a dedicated member of the AVHA & AVB board since 2013, serving an impressive four terms. Throughout his tenure, Jeremy held significant roles, including president, vice president, mite coordinator, and chair of the hockey development committee (HDC). His commitment extended beyond board responsibilities, as he actively coached all three of his children. Most recently, he coached the Valkyries 12UB2 team. Jeremy's passion for hockey and tireless contributions have left a lasting impact on our association. He will continue to sit as the HDC co-chair, ensuring the continuity of his invaluable efforts in developing our players. Thank you for all your hard work, expertise, and dedication, Jeremy!

Eric Robb: Eric is an AVHS alum and proud AV Eagle, and has dedicated three terms to the AVHA & AVB board, serving as D8 representative and various level coordinator positions. Throughout his tenure, Eric coached both his sons' and daughters' teams, contributing significantly to their development within the association. His unwavering commitment to fostering not only great hockey players but also good human beings has been invaluable. Thank you, Eric! We appreciate your dedication and contributions to our association and members.

Ginger Lemke: Ginger has been a dedicated member of AVHA/AVBHA since 2015, and has played a vital role in fostering growth and inclusivity within the organization. As a team manager, coach, and board member, Ginger has tirelessly worked to grow the game while ensuring that every child feels valued and represented. While stepping down from her board position, Ginger remains committed to directing Communications, and Recruit/Retain events to build leadership and relationships. Her passion and commitment to the game have left a lasting impact on the association and its members. Thank you, Ginger - you're not done yet!

AVBHA Executive Board:

President: Andrew Spencer:  A dedicated board member since 2018, Andrew has been re-elected for a 4th term as president. With a bantam and former AVWH player in his family, Andrew's profound understanding and passion for hockey and our association are evident. He continues to be our fearless and trusted leader, guiding us with unwavering dedication. 

Vice President: Joanie Baltes:  Joanie has been a pivotal member since joining the board in 2023, jumping right in as the Girls Coordinator upon election in March and stepping into the role of interim vice president after Kevin Morris's departure last August, she has now officially assumed the position. Joanie has coached every one of her daughter's teams, most recently at the 12U level, and tirelessly dedicates herself to both on- and off-ice events, fostering growth for and bringing fun to the game. Her presence as a strong female leader is invaluable in inspiring all our players.

Treasurer: Luke Kurkowski:  Serving on the board since 2017, Luke embarks on his 5th term as Treasurer. Throughout his tenure, he has donned multiple hats, including Coach, Mite Director, Level Coordinator, and Branding Rep, to name a few. With an advanced mite and an AVWH player in his family, Luke's commitment to our association's financial health and development is unmatched.

Secretary: Jodi Oster:  Currently in her second term as a board member, Jodi is also resuming her role as Secretary for a 4th term. With her boys involved in Jr. Gold and Peewee this year, Jodi brings a keen attention to detail and an appreciated calm to her duties, including coordinating DIBS and the Jr. Gold level. Her meticulous documentation ensures that every aspect of our association's operations is recorded accurately. We are grateful for her continued dedication and contribution to our team.

Thank you to all who participated in our elections, whether as candidates or voters. Your engagement is essential to shaping the future of our association! To those who ran but were not elected this time, remember that elections happen annually with seats rotating, so there will be future opportunities. Your contributions outside of a board seat are invaluable and greatly appreciated! 



Attention Members! We still have some DIBS slots available for the events happening at BIC this weekend! Help us fill these remaining spots by signing up now through our DIBS page at

Don't miss out on the chance to fulfill your DIBS requirement for the season. Remember, each family is responsible for 10 DIBS credits, so let's work together to make sure everyone contributes.

Thank you for your support!



Attention Coaches! Get ready for an action-packed Mite Fun Day on Sunday, March 17th!

As part of the festivities, we're hosting two exciting scrimmages for our mites and traveling players to watch and cheer on their coaches and managers as they hit the ice.

We'll provide jerseys, so all you need to bring is your stick, gloves, helmet, and skates. Shin guards and elbow pads are recommended for extra protection.

Mite Coach Scrimmage: 3:30-4:45* 
Traveling Coach Scrimmage: 5:00-6:30 - ALL Squirt, U10, Peewee, U12, Bantam, U15, and Jr. Gold coaches are welcome to participate.

SIGN UP TODAY: and let's make this day one to remember!

*In case of low signups, we'll consolidate to one scrimmage from 3:30 to 4:45 pm.



Calling all members! We want to hear about your hockey journey! Share your game-day excitement, team-bonding moments, and outstanding achievements with us at

Let's showcase the unforgettable highlights of this season together. Don't miss the chance to be featured on our social media channels!

Send us your end-of-year party pics, tournament highlights, and more. Thank you for an incredible season!



Big thanks for being a part of the Apple Valley Burnsville Hockey crew. Let's make hockey epic, together! 

Catch you on the ice,
Apple Valley Burnsville Hockey Association